Embedded widgets

Embeds are the widgets that are embedded directly in your site's content, making them blend in and look like they are an organic part of the website.

Embedding widgets into your website

There are two ways you can embed widgets in your website and both require you to insert a little piece of code in order to tell Personizely where you want the widget to appear.

Embeddable code

When selecting this option, you will be provided with an HTML code which you'll have to put inside your website. The widget will show up in the exact same place. Note that the page where you place the embed has to have the Personizely code installed and running on it.


You can place your embedded widget inside any of the placeholders you created. To learn more about placeholders go to Placeholders.

What's specific to callout widgets?

No close button

Embeds can not be closed as they are parts of the website.

No show-up animation

Embeds are automatically showing up using a short fade transition.

No teaser step

Embeds don't have the possibility for a teaser step to be set up.


Embed allow selecting between whether its element should full 100% of their parent or whether the content of the widget is limited to a certain width.

The widget will only show up once on a page, even if you insert the embeddable code twice.

Updated 15 Dec 2021
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