Exit trigger

This trigger shows when Personizely detects that the visitor might be intending to leave the page. It works differently on mobile and desktop.

Desktop settings

On desktop, it tracks when the visitor moves his cursor towards the top edge of the page.

Sensitivity - the distance from the top edge in pixels where the cursor should reach in order for the trigger to fire.

Mobile settings

On mobile, there are three fallback options that can help detect when does the visitor intends to leave the page.

Mobile fallback

  • Back button - if checked it will detect when the visitor presses the back button. Note that some browsers are blocking this behavior so we cannot guarantee a 100% firing rate.
  • Focus loss - if checked it will detect when the website tab loses focus (i.e. another tab is opened, or the address bar is focused)
  • Scroll - if checked will fire when the visitor scrolls past 50% percent of the page and then scrolls back up, which usually points out to the visitors wanting to see the address bar.

If you uncheck all of these options, then the trigger won't fire on mobile devices.


Max scroll reached - this condition will check whether the maximum scroll percent during this pageview is higher or lower than the given value in percent. Time spent - this condition will check whether the time in seconds spent on the current page is more or less than the given value in seconds.

Updated 15 Nov 2021
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