The pages rule allows restricting the pages on which the widget should show up. You can choose whether you want to specify the pages where the widget should show up or the ones where it should not.

The pages should include just the URL path, without the https:// part and domain.

Correct examples:

/products ✅ /contact-us ✅ / ✅

Bad examples:

/www.site.com ⛔️ www.site.com ⛔️ https://site.com/product⛔️ site.com⛔️

You can also use wildcards inside the paths to specify multiple pages based on their structure. There are two types of wildcards:

Singe wildcard - it matches any symbol except for a slash. It is used the following way:

/products/*/* - in case the URL you want to target is /products/shoes/leather-trainers

Double wildcard - it matches any symbol. It is used the following way:

/en** - this will work for any URL starting with /en like /en/, /en/products or /en/products/shoes

Updated 05 May 2022
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