The frequency rule is one of the most important rules because it helps you control how often does the widget shows up in order to never disturb your visitors too much.

This rule has two outcomes you can set up:

Stop - telling when does the widget stops showing for a visitor. The visitor will never see the widget anymore after this. Pause - telling how much time should the widget wait until showing up again for a visitor.

Both outcomes can be set up to depend on a number of events:

Close - Once the widget was closed using the close button, the backdrop click (if available), or using an element like a button, a form, etc. Convert - Once the widget has converted. This even happens when a form or button that has a "Track widget conversion" automation action assigned to it was clicked. View - Once the widget was viewed a certain amount of times. Minimize - Once the widget was minimized to a teaser. This only works if the widget has an active teaser that is set up to show up once the widget is closed, triggering a minimize event rather than a close one.

Updated 17 Jan 2022
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