Integrations allow you to plug in other tools into Personizely in order to expand its functionality or establish continuous data sync. Some integrations require connecting an API key, others redirect you to the vendor's page where you have to give access to Personizely to the scopes it requires. There are a few types of integrations:

  1. Email and CRM
  2. Platform
  3. Messenger
  4. SMS
  5. Email validation
  6. Analytics


The platform integrations allow you to integrate Personizely with your site platform. This kind of integration gives you the possibility to use various platform features from within Personizely.

Email and CRM

These kinds of integrations allow you to sync contacts collected via Personizely forms to your Email marketing system of CRM. Some integrations allow mapping the fields and the custom fields from Personizely with the respective ones in your system. Some integrations also have perpetual data sync so the data is always fresh in Personizely.


These kinds of integrations allow you to include a messenger checkbox widget inside your Personizely widgets. Once you enable it you will see a messenger element that you can drag and drop onto your widget, in widget builder. Please note that for this to work you will also need to have the respective integration's code installed on your website.


These kinds of integrations allow you to sync the phone numbers collected via the Personizely forms to your SMS messaging service.

Email validation

These kinds of integrations allow Personizely to validate the email addresses that are being typed into Personizely forms with much more accuracy, in order to prevent users from using bad email addresses.


These kinds of integrations allow Personizely to send analytics data and events to your analytics tools.

Updated 17 Jan 2022
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