All the settings are referring only to the website you have currently selected.


The website domain is only used for reference and is not affecting any functionality. It is also used to prefill some fields in widgets and campaigns configuration so it is better to have the domain here exactly as it shows up in the address bar when you have your website open.


The currency is used to display your revenue stats in the currency used by your site/store. Also, it is going to be used to preview Cart progress and Product elements in widgets.

Cookie lifetime

Cookie lifetime defines the amount of time the cookies created by personizely are going to be kept into your visitors' browser. Cookies are used to track visitor activity and campaign/widget interaction history. Please refer to your country/region regulation in order to select the correct value for your site.

Personizely branding

Whether to show a small "Powered by Personizely" piece inside Personizely widgets.

Updated 18 Nov 2021
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