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Every widget in Personizely can have multiple steps by default. This feature can be used to set up form success steps, display coupons upon form submission, or create multi-step forms and surveys. You can add as many steps as you need, by creating ones from scratch or by cloning existing ones. Please note that the widget width is the same across steps, so if you resize one of the widget's steps horizontally, it's going to affect all steps. To switch between steps you have to set up elements like Button, Form, Subscribe, Image or Timer to Change step as their primary action. The widgets step is being remembered across page views, so if the visitor switches to a different step, using an element that doesn't have a Track widget conversion automation action, the widget will open for him at the same step that he left on. This allows progressively collecting form data from your visitors.

Teaser step

Popups, callout, and bar widgets have the option to enable a teaser step for them. This step allows showing a little teaser element before the widget trigger fires or after the widget is closed (minimized). Teasers come in 2 shapes:

Tab teaser

The tab appears in a corner of the screen and looks like a tab. It only has a single text element that can be edited to reflect the offer.

Box teaser

The box can be placed on any edge of the screen and is more like a Personizely widget as you can add multiple elements unto it, like image, text, and HTML code.

Teaser display options

The teaser can be set up to show up in 2 situations:

Before trigger

If this option is selected the trigger will appear before the widget trigger is fired. The teaser can be triggered in a few different ways itself:

  • Time - after a given delay since the page load
  • Scroll - after the visitor scrolls past a certain percent of the page

After closed

If this option is selected the teaser will show up once the visitor closes the widget using the close button, the backdrop, or an element with a close action as the primary one.

Updated 15 Dec 2021
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