Personizely accounts are the primary entity that owns everything in Personizely. An account can own multiple users and multiple websites.

The following account settings are available:

  • Email - used to send all the important account communication
  • Name - the company/account owner name


In Personizely an account can have multiple users. There are 2 user roles:

  • User - has the ability to manage everything inside the websites, like the Widgets, Campaigns, and Targets. But has no access to the website and account Settings.
  • Admin - has full privileges


For every website where you want to use Personizely, you create a new Website which is a sandboxed workspace with its own settings, widgets, and campaigns. To be able to create multiple websites in a single account you have to be on a special billing plan.

Account termination

You can terminate your account and all of your data is going to be removed, without a way to revert it back. Any of your active subscriptions will be canceled.


You can review and accept the GDPR agreement by signing it with your name. This will mean your acceptance of Personizely's GDRP policy.

Updated 10 Apr 2021
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